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A good pattern can save you a lot of time, frustration and material ... or inspire you with ideas you hadn't thought of yourself. Over the years, we've gotten much more aware of the value of a good pattern (your clothes fit!), whether we buy one someone else made, or make our own from thrift store clothes we tear apart. Here's a categorized chart to help you get where you are going, quickly:

Select the category title for small pictures of each underlying pattern. Select a pattern title to go directly to each patterns description.


Men's Clothing

Women's & Girls Clothing


Men's Pants

Men's Trousers
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Broadfall Pants

Leggings & Breechclout

Leggings & Breechclout #2

Plains War Shirt

War Shirt #2

Frontiersman's Shirt

Early Frontiersman's Shirt

Fringed Buckskin Shirt

Range Coat / Duster

Frock Coat

Fringed Jacket

Sheepskin or Fur Coat

Old West Vests


Western Jeans

Classic Western Blazer

Sheepskin or Fur Vest

Classic Western Vest

Metis Style Frock Coat

Skirt & Botas

Plains Indian Dress

Girls Indian Dress


Women's Fringed Jacket

Front Lapel Jacket

Wrap-around Skirt

Thunderbird Jacket

Western Jeans

Classic Western Blazer

Sheepskin or Fur Vest

Show & Rodeo Chaps


Pouch, Gun Case & Mittens

Gloves, Gauntlets & Mittens

Classic Fur Hat

Free Trapper's Hat

Frontiersman's Leather Accessories

Longhunter's Leather Accessories

Frontiersman's Leather Accoutrement

Woman's Leather Accessories

Indian Women's Accessories

Archery Pattern Pack

Belts and Holsters

Saddle Bags

Rifle Case Pattern

Fourty-Niner Holster

Saddle Scabbard

Shooter's Double Strap Saddle Bag

Shooter's Single Strap Saddle Bag

Spur Leathers

Cowboy Cuffs

Cheyene Holster

Cartridge Belts

Show & Rodeo Chaps

Boy's Clothing


Boy's Leggings & Breechclout

Boy's War Shirt

Boy's Frontier Pants

Little Ranger's Duster


Plains Hi-Top Mocs

Plains Low-Top Mocs

Child's Plains Style Mocs

Plainsman Boots

Comanche Mocs

Shawnee Mocs

Zuni Mocs

Yaqui Mocs

Keltoi Mocs

Woodlands Mocs

Nomad Mocs


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