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Getting Listed

Its easy to get listed. Just send us one perfectly brain-tanned hide and all of the information we need for your listing. Okay, okay, you don't have to send us your best hide(s), you can just send us info via email or snail mail.
    This is what we want to know:
  • How you would like to be contacted.
  • What services or products you are offering (this could be as simple as offering free advice), and to what degree. You may sell finished hides, but you'd really rather make them into custom garments, or what-ever. We'll use this info to highlight your specialty.
  • Do you dry-scrape, wet-scrape or both.
  • How you learned how to tan (this is for my curiosity only).
  • If you've written a how-to guide or pamphlet, tell us the cost plus shipping and send us a copy. We'll review it on the website.

  • Write us at:
    Matt & Michelle
    3303 Dick George Rd
    Cave Junction OR 97523
    (541) 592-3778


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    List of Brain Tanning Resources

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