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What you look like by the end of a primitive skills gatheringBowdrill fire making
This is a particularly fun way to learn brain tanning. These gatherings are all camping oriented, with many creative and fun folks to learn from and spend time with. Other skills are taught too, such as bow and arrow making, friction fire, basketry, wild edibles, pottery, shelter construction, tracking, atlatl, and many many more. Contact the organizer for prices, details and to double check that they are offering brain tanning this year.

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primitive skills on the web
Rabbitstick Sept. 12-18 1999 near Rexburg ID
Wintercount Feb. 12-18 2006 near Phoenix AZ
PO Box 905, Rexburg ID 83440

Lots of great photos of the Winter Count at
You need to scroll down his home page to find the access point for various workshop photos.
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primitive skills on the web
The Gathering June 18-24 in Colorado
Earth Knack
Bart and Robin Blankenship
General Delivery, Crestone, CO 81131

To learn more about the Earth Knack Gathering on the web
and to access a printable order form go to
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on the web
ECHOS OF MAN: A School of Early Living Skills
June  3rd thru 9th 2001 near Silverton Oregon
Goode & Carole Jones
6570 State St
Salem OR 97301
Phone (503) 362-4244


Dale 'Blond Bear Coleman
19027 Abiqua Rd NE
Scotts Mills OR 97375
Phone (503) 873-4055

Visit the Echos in Time website! Goode Jones will be teaching the Dry Scrape method of braintan. Class cost is $90. Many other early living skills workshops will be offered at this event. The privately owned 88-acre site near Silver Falls State Park is a canyon setting with two creeks, one river and large stands of alder, oak, and fir. The nearest towns are Sublimity, 6 miles and Silverton 7 miles away.

on the web The Moccasin Meet: Northeast Primitive Skills Gathering
July , 2001
Walter and Eva Gigandet
Box 40 Route 20, Sloansville NY 12160
Phone 518 875-6886

The 3rd annual Moccasin Meet (a primitive skills gathering) includes braintanning with the wetscrape and dryscrape methods amongst the classes. Many instructors and dozens of other classes will also be offered. Check with the hosts to double check that brain tanning is being offered this year. Fee $210 before June 16, $245 after.

on the web Peoples of the North
August 12-18, 2001
RR#2 Box 2700
Canaan, Maine 04924

Phone 207 426-8138

The Peoples of the North Primitive Skills Gathering will be an educational celebration of the primitive and traditional lifeways of the north woods. The gathering will feature five days of workshops, including brain tanning taught by top instructors from around the region. While there will be some crafted goods for sale or trade, the emphasis of the event is on teaching, learning, and camaraderie. Topics of instruction will range from basic north woods skills such as making fire by friction, to more expressive arts like making and playing primitive and traditional musical instruments. Costs $225

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primitive skills on the web
Rivercane April 27 to May 2, 1999 in Northern Georgia
Falling Leaves October in Georgia
Contact: Snowbear
(828) 389-9336

To see photos of these events on the web, visit

For more info and a printable sign-up form, check out

known quality In Sweden

Ragnarok July
Haken Strotz or Ulrika Krynitz
Sjogetorp, 59991 Odeshog, Sweden
phone 0144-10234

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