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List of Brain Tanning Resources

Updated December 29, 2006
62 Tanners Listed



known quality You'll notice that there is a thumbs up symbol next to many of the names. This means that we know the quality of these sources. The lack of a thumbs up does not mean that they are any worse. In fact they could be better. We just don't know.
on the web When you see this globe next to a listing, it means they have their own web site that you can go to.
known quality

on the web
Matt and Michelle Richards
Traditional Tanners

3303 Dick George Rd, Cave Junction OR 97523
541 592-3778
Website: for custom garments, and for finished hides.

Wet scrape: sells finished skins, teaches classes with modern or all traditional/primitive tools, makes custom garments. Book: "Deerskins into Buckskins: How to Tan With Natural Materials". Read the online review and ordering info. $19.95 plus $2.50 shipping.
known quality Jim Riggs
PO Box 627, Wallowa, OR 97885
Dry scrape: book "Blue Mountain Buckskin...A working manual to dry scrape brain tan". Read the online review and ordering info. $12 postage paid. Classes
Ken Woody
Box 602 Beulah, N.D. 58523
Both methods: teaches classes, sells scraping tools, makes custom garments, sells finished skins. Also does buffalo, N. Plains museum replicas, buffalo hide tipis, working on a book about hide tipis.
known quality Doug Crist
1501 Dodge Creek, Rexford, MT 59930
Wet scrape: sells finished skins, teaches classes, makes custom garments.
known quality River Spirit School of Natural Living
P.O. Box 173 Mad River, CA. 95552
Both methods: teaches classes, makes custom garments, sell finished skins.
known quality

on the web
Patrick Newton
41 Landau Way, March Cambs
Wet scrape: Red Deer, Pere David's Deer, and dry scrape Buffalo. Also makes hair-pipe breastplates.
known quality Robert Retallick
Hot Springs, Montana
Wet scrape: sells finished skins, teaches custom classes.
known quality Melvin Beattie
P.O. Box 7025 Helena, MT 59604
Sells finished hides and has raw skins for sale. Wet scrape: video "Tanning Spirit, wet scrape from skinning to finished buckskin". Read the online review and ordering info. $30 postage paid.
known quality Dave and Marla Bethke
3149 W. Rast Road American Falls, ID 83211
Wet scrape: teaches classes, sells finished skins,
pouches and custom garments.
known quality

on the web
Ways of our Ancestors - Richie Taylor
4674 Chestatee Heights Rd, Gainesville GA 30506
Both methods: teaches classes sells finished hides - smoked or white. Makes custom garments and accessories. 
known quality

on the web
Bob Kursawe -- Bows & Buckskins
860 496-8623
Web Site

Wet Scrape: Sells brain tanned hides, bags, purses & pouches (some clothing). Will Custom tan your hides. Teaches classes starting in fall 2000. Also makes traditional bows.
  Brian Jensen
26412 Oak Meadow Dr., West Perrysburg, OH 43551
Dry scrape: teaches classes, sells tools, makes custom garments. Specializes in Native American style plains beadwork, 30 yrs. experience.
 on the web Anthony & Carol Hehman
Sells all kinds of Buffalo Products, and makes custom Plains Indian garments. Amazing stuff, go see their website.
  Don Born
9544 Waterbury Dr. Peyton, CO. 80831
(719) 495-8826
Wet scrape: sells finished hides of deer and elk.
known quality


on the web

Lee Secrest
North Fork Rd, Polebridge MT 59928

Wet scrape: teaches classes, sells brain tanned deer, elk, antelope and bighorn skins. Specializes in Native American style hides painted with earth pigments. His painted hides are spectacular.
known quality

on the web
Skills Alive!!
Mac Maness
17720 Laurel Hill Church Rd, Laurel Hill, NC 28351
910-276-2256 or 910-277-6400

Both Methods: teaches classes
Ken Weidner 
2288 70th road
Copeland Kansas 67837

Sells finished skins of Deer. Loves making Plains horse tack. Specializes in Plains Indians, particularly the Southern Cheyenne from 1860-1880. Also makes and sells Selvedge Stroud Cloth.
known quality Oliver McCloskey
302 N 300 W
Cedar Utah 84720

Sells finished skins of Deer and Elk. Finest quality and reasonably priced. Please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope for flyer of items for sale & braintan samples.
known quality Duztin Sorensen
PO Box 84, Henrieville UT 84736
Wetscrape: sells finished hides.
known quality Earth Knack
Robin Blankenship
General Delivery Crestone, CO 81131
Both methods: teach classes, sell tools, make custom garments, sell finished skins. Good primitive skills book "Earth Knack: Stone Age Skills For The 21st Century". Read the online review and ordering info. $15.95 plus $2.50 post.
known quality Tom and Nancy Oar
38700 Yaak River Rd. Troy, MT. 59935
Both methods: sell finished skins of deer, antelope, bighorn sheep and brain tanned furs of mtn. lion, otter, buffalo and more. Makes custom garments.
known quality Charlie Trujillo
P.O. Box 499 Clark Fork, ID 83811
Wet scrape: sells finished skins and Native American crafts.
known quality Sue & Mike Rider
Dirty Shirt Buckskins
2263 Gold Creek Ridge Road, Sandpoint ID 83864
Wet scrape: sells finished skins, custom garments, porcupine quill work, and teaches classes. Quillwork also available.
on the web Tim Smith -- Jack Mountain Bushcraft
PO Box 61
Wolfeboro Falls, NH 03896

Both Methods: teaches classes in wet and dry scrape as well as fur tanning. Also teaches other outdoor courses and guided trips.

Evard Gibby
506 Gem Dr., Kimberly, ID 83341
Dry scrape: "How To Tan Skins The Indian Way" video $32 postage paid, book $4.50 plus postage. Order from: Eagle’s View Publishing Co. 6756 North Fork Rd, Liberty, UT 84310     801-393-4555.
Read the online review
known quality

on the web
Hofunee Programs --Scott Jones
The Woods, Rt. 1, Box 182-A Carlton, GA 30627
Dry scrape: teaches classes, sells dry scrapers, and finished skins when available. Also offers internships and work/swaps.
George W. Gardner
Box 338 Hillsdale, N.Y. 12529
Both methods: teaches classes and sells finished skins.
Mike "Spotted Eagle" Beathe
3214 E. 106th St., N. Sperry, OK 74073
Dry scrape: teaches classes
known quality Edward Earl
589 Keko Drive, Loveland CO 80537
(970) 669-6268
Wet scrape: teaches classes, sells finished skins and makes custom clothing. Has over 45 years experience.
on the web Kens Skins
Kendall Davis
PO Box 1233, Inola OK 74036-1233
Phone (918) 543-3961
Wet Scrape: Sells finished skins, teaches classes locally, all skins are brain tanned and smoked with Red Oak and Red Cedar chips.
on the web Timmy "Walking Bear" Berk
1203 N. Campbell Wilis TX 77378
Both Methods: Teaches classes, sells Buffalo Robes and buckskin.
known quality

on the web
Steven Edholm and Tamara Wilder
P.O. Box 876 Boonville, CA 95415
Wet scrape: book "Buckskin: The Ancient Art of Braintanning," (originally titled "Wet-Scrape Braintanned Buckskin: A practical guide to home tanning and use".) Read the online review and ordering info.  $17.95. Also "Home Tanning and Leather Making Guide" and "Home Manufacture of Furs and Skins" by A.B. Farnham $4.95 ea.  (info on many different tanning methods from bark to chrome).
on the web Teaching Drum Outdoor School
7124 Military Road, Three Lakes, WI 54562

Wet scrape: teaches classes, sells finished skins. various books and videos on either method.
known quality Sioux Replications
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Belitz
HCR 52, Box 176 Hot Springs, SD 57747-9609
Dry scrape: makes custom garments, sells finished skins and the book "Braintanning the Sioux Way". Also tans elk and buffalo skins; museum replications and buffalo hide tipis.
known quality Wes Housler
22 Bell Canyon, Cloudcroft, N.M. 88317
Both methods: makes custom garments including buffalo hide moccasins with the hair inside (I got a pair!), sells finished wet scraped skins of deer and elk. Also dry scrapes buffalo robes, and rawhide and the video "How to Brain Tan Buffalo Hide". Read the online review and ordering info. $25 ea.
known quality

on the web
Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School
Box 691 Pony, MT 59747-0691
Wet scrape: teaches classes, sells scraping tools. Read the online review and ordering info for Tom's book "Botany in a Day".
known quality

on the web
Frank and Karen Sherwood
Earthwalk Northwest
P.O. Box 461 Issaquah, WA 98027
Phone 206-746-7267 Fax 206-746-7757
Both methods: teach classes and sell scraping tools.
known quality

on the web
Randy & Lori Breeuwsma
12137-85 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5B 3G5

Both methods: Brain-tanned Buffalo, Moose, Elk and Deer. Hair on or off, smoked or white. Hide tipi's to moccasins.
on the web Turtle Creek Tannery
Sue Rethemeier
4522 Co Rd 45 S
Owatonna, MN 55060
email is
Dry scrape: Brain-tanned buckskin as well as hair on deer and elk (braintan, of course.) Special conditions apply to the hair on pieces. Also does some garment making and beadwork to adorn garments.
known quality

on the web
Cody Lundin
Aboriginal Living Skills School LLC
P.O. Box 3064 Prescott, AZ 86302
Wetscrape: teaches two days classes, with hides and tools provided.
Erik Eikaas
2763 Chesmire Farm Rd., Excelsior MN 55331
Wet Scrape: Sells finished braintanned elk, moose and deer, Buffalo robes and hoop drums. Will custom tan your hair-on hides.
known quality Darry Wood
Buck Creek, Hayesville, NC 28904

Both methods: Specializes in museum quality replications of Southeastern Indian moccasins, garments and other items.
Brent Ladd
11642 E. 1050 N., Otterbein, In 47970

Wet scrape: teaches classes, sells finished skins and makes custom garments.
Frogtree Outdoor Living School
PO Box 550, E. Jordan, MI 49727

Wet Scrape: sells finished skins, makes custom garments, teaches classes. You will be supporting a community that is striving to live primitively!
known quality

on the web
Jim Miller
962 F30, Mikado, MI 48745
(989) 736-3487

Both methods: teaches classes (deer, furs, buffalo) sells tools, sells finished skins, and his book Brain Tan Buffalo Robes, Skins and Pelts. Read the online review or read his online article Tan Your Pelts With Nature's Tools
known quality Michael Foltmer
1330 Brantner Rd., Evans, CO 80620
Wet scrape: teaches classes, makes custom garments and sells finished skins. Sometimes dry scrapes.
known quality Prairie Wolf
John and Geri McPherson
Box 96 Randolph, KS 66554
Dry scrape: book "Braintan Buckskin". Read the review and ordering info. $3 plus shipping.
known quality John Yost
PO Box 1682, Wausau WI 54402
Wet scrape: teaches classes
known quality Dacotah Roosters Supply - Mark "Rooster" Roster
P.O. Box 248, Davenport, N.D. 58021
Maker of fine custom/historical garments - coats, shirts, dresses, skirts, and pants. From your hides or ones we purchase from other tanners. No catalog. Drop a line for price quotes. Turn around time on orders - normally 12 - 16 weeks but can be longer.
Windsong Primitives - Benjamin Pressley
1403 Killian Rd., Stanley, NC 28164
Phone: (704) 827-0723
Wet Scrape: Classes, pouches, and a booklet on brain tanning.
known quality


on the web

Snowball Creek Rawhide and Buckskin - Billy Metcalf 
1930 Snowball Ck. E., Grand Forks BC, V0H 1H1, Canada
Phone (250) 442-5642
Wet Scrape: Sells finished deerskins, smoked or white.
on the web High Lonesome Trade Goods - John Moffatt 
P.O. Box 166 Kila, Montana 59920
Phone (406)755-3411
Web site:
Dry Scrape: Handmade authentic replicas of the Indian-Mountain Man era: Painted Buffalo Robes, Knives, Shields, Fur Hats, War Clubs, Arrows, Bags, Lances and more. Custom Orders Welcome. Member of the American Mountain Men.
known quality

on the web
Sundog Traders - Joseph Dinsmore & Victoria Longtrail D.
POB 182, Winnett, Montana 59087
Phone: 406-429-7828

Wet Scrape: Pre-smoking method. Classes year round at $75 per day, finished skins, and custom garments. Their video on the pre-smoking method is available for $40. You can read their synopsis of the 'pre-smoking method' here on Feel free to call or email for advice.
Alaska Fur Exchange

Sells smoked brain tanned moose hides. They are native made in the Yukon. We don't usually list sources that aren't direct from the tanners, but brain tanned moose is hard to come by.
on the web WILDERNESS WAY - Primitive Skills, Tracking, Nature Awareness School
Michael J. Head
744 Glenmary Drive, Owego, NY 13827

Both methods: teaches classes. Scheduled classes are listed in the Course Schedule section of their website. Custom classes also available.
known quality


on the web

Loren Stallsmith
318 Sunol RD, Hadley, PA 16130
Phone: (724) 253-4429

Wetscrape: sells finished skins and a variety of buckskin bags.
known quality


on the web

David Risdon
6733 Hwy 194, Saginaw MN 55779
Phone: (218) 729-5137

Wetscrape: sells finished skins. Available to teach classes.
known quality


on the web

Guillaume Marcotte
L'Atelier du Voyageur
Rapide-Danseur, QC CANADA
Both methods: Sells finished caribou, moose and deer, rawhide, some furs and custom crafts.
known quality


on the web

Rocky Mountain Robes and Braintan - Wade Wagner
PO Box 1682, Ft. Washakie, WY 82514
Both Methods: selling buffalo robes, furs and limited buckskin.
on the web Andrew Twele
9425 Seven Courts Dr, Nottingham MD 21236

Phone: 410-206-1318
Dryscrape: Offers workshops and demonstrations. Sells sinew and hooves.
on the web C.F. Manitoba Buckskin
Carl Foese
1378 Clifton Street
Winnipeg MB, R3E 2V2

Both Methods: sells white-tail deer, elk, and bison rawhide and brain-tanned smoked buckskin. Custom tanning made to order. PayPal accepted.
on the web Native Awareness - School of Primitive Survival and Earth Living Skills.
James Watson

Phone: 07917881094
Wet Scrape Method: Offers Group classes and individual tuition classes in Swinford, Leicestershire UK.
White Oak Tanner
Don "White Oak" Barry
Phone: (706)625-2413
Wet Scrape and Dry scrape Methods: Sells braintan deer skins and offers wet scrape and dry scrape classes. Call to schedule and appointment. 2998 Sugar Valley Rd NW, Sugar Valley GA

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