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This resource directory is designed to help you further pursue your interest in natural buckskin. Some of these folks have been tanning for twenty to thirty years. They are teachers, peers, friends or simply talented people with something to offer. Keep in mind that most of these folks are home producers rather than industrial magnates and may not always have what you want in stock. It may take a call or two, but you should be able to find what you are looking for. You will notice that each person is listed as either wet scrape, dry scrape, or both. Wet scrape is when hides are scraped with a dull tool, wet, over a beam. Dry scrape is done by drying the hide out on a frame and shearing off the hair and grain with a sharp tool. Generally, dry scrapers scrape down to where the bigger, mature fibers are. So the hide has a knappier surface. The process and product are slightly different but not much.


There is probably someone near you who teaches tanning classes. I highly recommend getting some hands on instruction. Tanning is such a tactile art that there is a lot someone experienced can show you in person that a book just can't. Check out various tanners currently scheduled classes or browse this list for someone near you who teaches custom workshops. A really fun way to learn brain-tanning is at a "primitive skills gathering".


We have a seperate online guide to recommended tools, with descriptions and ordering information at Traditional Tanner's Supply. In this resource directory you will find more tool sources, including dry-scrapers, that are not included in 'The Tool Shed'.


A good book can be a very valuable ally for learning how to tan and how to work with the finished material. It will not only show you how to do each step, but it allows you to reference the crucial details when you most need them. For reviews, recommendations and sources for books and videos on braintanning, you can also visit the Recommended Books section of


If you want more buckskin than you have the time or resources to tan yourself then you can get some from many of the folks listed.


There are talented folks out there who can turn your or their finished skins into beautiful clothing, pouches, quivers and more. To see a whole gallery of custom designs by Michelle Riley visit Buckskin Designs


Buffalo robes, hide tipis, internships...

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