Smoke Tanned Moose

$150 per 5 sq ft piece.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Soft, Dense & Durable

Moose hides have the size and thickness of elk, but with the durable fiber structure of deer, making them ideal for moccasins. Moose hide soles will last considerably longer than deer, elk or buffalo. Our Moose are nice and soft, but Moose are by nature not that stretchy. This is a valuable quality for moccasins (don’t want them to stretch out of shape on you), as well as for beadwork — your hard earned designs retain their shape.

Because of the way we remove the grain, our Moose retain their natural thickness, so they are perfect for moccasins or heavy bags. We do get some thinner ones that could be used for garments, but please notify us if you are looking for this because most aren’t.

Highest Quality

We go way out of our way to get Moose that are well skinned with a minimum of scores on the flesh side. Last year we found a place in Saskatchewan that does a great job. Ours are far better than what you will find elsewhere. That being said, there will be some score marks and holes. Its unavoidable.

Our hides are also uniformly soft. We pride ourselves on that…even the humps. We use what’s known as the ‘pre-smoking’ method on our Moose, a traditional method that was historically used specifically on Moose. What it means is that we smoke our hides before the final oiling and softening. This makes it much easier to get those really thick spots soft. We’ve been tanning moose for 20 years and sell them to traditional crafters throughout Alaska, Canada and the lower 48.

Totally Natural

Tanning can be very toxic (so toxic in fact that there are more tannery EPA Superfund sites than nuclear). Commercial leathers are tanned with trivalent chrome – the main culprit. You’ll also find a lot of ‘commercial brain tan’ around the internet which isn’t brain tanned at all, its tanned with glutaraldehyde, a toxic relative of formaldehyde, but made to look like brain tan. We use totally natural oils and wood-smoke, like our ancestors the world over have done for eons, to make the hides naturally resistant to bugs and decay and safe for you and your loved ones too.


Unlike wild harvested furs, purchasing moose hides doesn’t encourage anyone to kill animals. Moose hides are mostly left in the woods, a waste product of the hunt, as they are only worth about $15 raw. Nearly all of the value of finished moose is in the labor, which there is an awful lot of. By buying them to tan, we hopefully motivate people to make a little extra effort to pack them out. Nobody is hunting moose for the hides.


You can order through our online store anytime. You can also call in your order during regular business hours at 888 443-3826 or 541 592-3778. Right now, we have finished hides available to ship immediately, which is unusual. In the past we’ve been several months back ordered, but we made moose a primary focus this year, so right now we’ve got them.


We ship hides all over the world. Whether you live in Montana or near Mt Fuji, we’ll get it to you. Shipping cost is calculated during the checkout process. We normally ship our moose USPS.


We accept all major credit cards, Pay Pal, checks or money orders. Choose the method that is most convenient for you during checkout.


We typically sell moose by the 1/4, 1/2 and full hide but are currently down to smaller sized pieces around 5 sq feet, plenty for a pair of moccasins with leftovers. A 1/4 hide is ample for two pairs of low top moccasins. Full hides are relatively more expensive because it is considerably harder to come by well skinned whole moose hides. So if you plan to cut your hide up into moccasins, order 4 quarters rather than a full moose hide and you’ll save some money.

$150 Moose Piece @ 5 sq ft 
Order a Moose Piece

$700 Whole Moose Hide (currently unavailable)
Order a Whole Moose

Our Guarantee

If you don’t love your moose hide return it for an exchange or full refund, no time limit. That might seem crazy, but we’ve been standing by our work for over 25 years.

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