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Deerskins into Buckskins Video or DVD
Deerskins into Buckskins Video or DVD Quantity in Basket: None
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Matt Richards DVD or VHS 2 hrs 20 minutes

You can buy this from Amazon.
Here are the pluses, minuses and link
    America's best selling tanning guide, now on video!
  • Crucial if you don't have access to hands-on instruction
  • Helps you see how to do each step of the wet-scrape process      
  • Up-to-date with the latest info and most efficient methods
  • More than two hours of detailed, expert, step-by-step instruction

Two years in the making, this video is easily the most detailed, comprehensive and easy to follow guide to brain tanning. Novices get to see what each step looks like: what it looks like when the grain is coming off properly, how much effort goes into softening, what different odd textures on the skin mean, what good, pumping smoke looks like and on and on. This kind of stuff is incredibly helpful in learning this tactile art.

Experienced tanners will appreciate learning the tweaks and improvements that Matt has learned in the six years since he wrote Deerskins into Buckskins (and received ideas and feedback from thousands of tanners); including the 15 minute step that makes a whole series of improvements in the process (easier, more thorough brain penetration, easier to soften hides, and hides that turn out incredibly, incredibly, soft in the end). We guarantee that you'll learn a lot from this video!

DVD Special Features

  • Chapter menu so you can go directly to any step (great for quickly referencing information)
  • Quick-links to recipes and charts
  • Higher resolution
  • Otherwise VHS & DVD are exactly the same

    Customer Reviews      Avg. Rating:     Number of Reviews: 4      Write your review

    Reviewed By: Harold C. Callaway II from Faucett, MO     03/14/05

    "I just watched your video Deerskins into Buckskins. It is one of the best instructional videos I've ever watched."

    Reviewed By: Eric Wiech from Covington, WA    03/17/05

    "I just finished watching your video, and despite the fact that I had read several books about hide tanning, nothing was even close to as good as seeing that video. I should have bouth it years ago like I wanted to."

    Reviewed By: Vince Parshall from Meeker, CO     03/31/06

    "Matt's DVD really helped me to get some of the steps clarified that I had been fighting for quite a while. Things are much clearer thanks to his instructions."

    Reviewed By: Dan Aitchison from Ridgefield, CT     04/23/08

    "An excellent video, for those beginning or those who have a few hides under their belts that would like to learn some good pointers. This video is the perfect companion to the book, showing what to do, as well as giving some tips that weren't included in the book. The chapters on the dvd make it easy to navigate to any step that you want to review. Brain tanning can be learned from the book or the video alone, but to learn from both is the best way to learn it all.."


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