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Child's Plains Style Moccasins
Child's Plains Style Moccasins Quantity in Basket: None
Code: MRChildsmocs
Price: $7.95
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
The Indians of the Plains and Plateau areas wore this very basic, hardsole type moccasin which developed out of necessity as protection from the hard, and sometimes rocky ground of the prairie that was their home. (note: many claim that the 'hard-sole' style wasn't developed until after contact with white men). Normally constructed with soft tanned elk or buckskin uppers and supple, but tough rawhide soles, they represent a highly refined form of Native American footwear. Today they remain a popular style of moccasin and are both comfortable and durable for dancing, camping or everyday wear.

Since the Cheyenne moccasin makers have been the acknowledged masters of the art for years, Missouri River patterns chose to present the typical Cheyenne style of cut and construction in this pattern. Other tribal variations are easily adapted using this basic hardsole moccasin design.

The two most challenging aspects of moccasin making are achieving a proper fit and an authentic style. The highly detailed instructions, illustrations and other information contained in this pattern represent many years of research and "hands-on" learning of how to make moccasins the Indian way. Pattern developed by Nellie Stevens, Barry, Hardin and Carl Jennings.

Sizes: Infant (all sizes), Toddler (5-7-9-10), Childs (4-5-6)

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