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The Crafts Annual Series published by Written Heritage, Inc., features 4 to 6 "how-to" craft articles from out of print issues of Whispering Wind.
Crafts Annual Series
Crafts Annual Series Quantity in Basket: None
Code: CraftsAnnual
Price: $7.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
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<table><tr valign="top"><td><img src=""><br></td><td><font size="4"><b>Craft’s Annual &#35;2</font></b><br><font size=”6”>Blackfeet Women’s Clothing </font><font size=”5”>– by Richard Conn</font><br><font size=”6”>Lazy Stitch Beadwork</font><font size=”5”> – by Peter Bugelski<br><font size=”6”>A Grass Dance Harness (c. 1880)</font><font size=”5”> – by Richard Green<br><font size=”6”>Ermine Skin Drops</font><font size=”5”> – by Scott Thompson<br></font><font size=”5”>48 pages, 46 photos, 23 illus.</font> <br></td></tr></table>
<table><tr valign="top"><td><img src="" align="center"><br></td><td><font size="4"><b>Craft’s Annual &#35;3</font></b><br><font size=”6”>Gourd Stitch</font><font size=”5”>– by Richard Past</font><br><font size=”6”>Sioux Pipebag</font><font size=”5”> – by Louie Jull<br><font size=”6”>A Simple Sioux Doll</font><font size=”5”> – by Kathy Ellis Brewer<br><font size=”6”>Hand Tied Ladies Shawls</font><font size=”5”> – by Jack &#38; Darlene Heriard<br></font><font size=”5”>48 pages, 48 b&#38;w photos, 9 color photos, 37 illus.</font> <br></td></tr></table>
<table><tr valign="top"><td> <img src="" align="center"><br></td><td><font size="4"><b>Craft’s Annual &#35;4</font></b><br><font size=”6”>Cheyenne Ladies Leggings &#40;updated&#41; </font><font size=”5”>– by Mke Kostelnik</font><br><font size=”6”>The Bustle</font><font size=”5”> – by Rick Hewitt<br><font size=”6”>Hair Drops</font><font size=”5”> – by Scott Thompson &#40;new photos&#41;<br><font size=”6”>Fancy Dancer Rocker Spreaders</font><font size=”5”> – by Sandy Rhoades<br></font><font size=”6”>An Early Assiniboin Headdress - </font><font size=”5”> by Robert Testudine</font><br><font size=”6”>Tipi Bags - </font><font size=”5”>by Bill &#38;Kathy Brewer</font><br><font size=”5”>52 pages, 6 color photos, 67 illus. 37 b&#38;w photos.</font> <br></td></tr></table>
<table><tr valign="top"><td> <img src=""align="center"><br></td><td><font size="4"><b>Craft’s Annual &#35;5</font></b><br><font size=”6”>Jingle Dresses - </font><font size=”5”>by Jim &#38; Maureen Johnston</font><br><font size=”6”>Dusters - Southern Plains Mens Moccasins</font><font size=”5”> – by Joe Hays &#38; Tim Ramsey<br><font size=”6”>Copper Bracelets</font><font size=”5”> – by Scott Thompson<br><font size=”6”>Osceola's Clothes</font><font size=”5”> – by Michael G. Johnson<br></font><font size=”6”>Flat Fan Construction - </font><font size=”5”>by George S. Knowden</font><br><font size=”5”>48 pages, 22 color photos, 36 b&#38;w, 59 illus. </font> <br></td></tr></table>
<table><tr valign="top"><td><img src=""align="center"><br></td><td><font size="4"><b>Craft’s Annual &#35;6</font></b><br><font size=”6”>Cheyenne Soft Cradle Covers - </font><font size=”5”>by Richard Green</font><br><font size=”6”>Capotes</font><font size=”5”> – by STeve Shawley<br><font size=”6”>Painted Rawhide Knife Sheath</font><font size=”5”> – by Louis Garcia<br><font size=”6”>Pair of Sioux Leggings</font><font size=”5”> – by Joe Hayes<br></font><font size=”6”>Southern Cheyenne Women's Leggings - </font><font size=”5”>by Mike Kostelnik</font><br><font size=”6”>Northwest Sewing Kit - </font><font size=”5”>by Scott Thompson</font><br><font size=”5”>52 pages, 13 color photos, 20 b&#38;w, 67 illus. </font> <br></td></tr></table>
<table><tr valign="top"><td><img src="" align="center"><br></td><td><font size="4"><b>Craft’s Annual &#35;7</font></b><br><font size=”6”>Heddle Loom Beadwork - </font><font size=”5”>by John Lotter</font><br><font size=”6”>Construction of an 1870 Crow Dress</font><font size=”5”> – by Janice b&#38; Gordon Collins<br><font size=”6”>Quirts b&#38; Whips</font><font size=”5”> – by Scott Thompson<br><font size=”6”>Society Whips b&#38; Quirts</font><font size=”5”> – by John Smith<br></font><font size=”6”>Cheyenne Bow Case & Quiver, (c. 1880) - </font><font size=”5”>by Mike Kostelnik</font><br><font size=”6”>Small Decorated Bags - </font><font size=”5”>by Mike Parkins b&#38; Scott Thompson</font><br><font size=”6”>Blackfeet Bonnet - </font><font size=”5”>by Michael G. Johnson </font><br><font size=”6”>A Kiowa Backrest - </font><font size=”5”>by Joe S. Hays</font><br><font size=”6”>Beaded Belt Pouches - </font><font size=”5”>by Scott Thompson</font><br><font size=”6”>The Snow Snake Game - </font><font size=”5”>by Bruce Wilde &#38; Sumner Heman</font><br> <font size=”5”>52 pages, Profusely illustrated in color &#38; black and white</font> <br></td></tr></table>

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