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Earth and Mineral Pigments - 18 color set
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Code: 18Pigments
Price: $49.95
Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds

Ochers, Earth and Mineral pigments- colors that are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and traditional. While ready-made paints made from artificial pigments are easily obtained, creating one's own natural colors and handling the ingredients remains the essence of artistic creation. These pigments are finely ground to 50 microns to make mixing easy, resulting in a smooth consistency. Our full palette of 18 colors provides for a complete range of possibilities for both historical and modern designs that are vibrant and able to withstand the test of time. Our Pigments are perfect for a wide range of projects including: dry pigment application, face, body and animal paint, painting on rawhide parfleche, animal hides, bone, wood and fabric, as well for use in artist's paint, stenciling and sand paintings. Color your world!

We offer eighteen Ocher, Earth and Mineral Pigments in a set to give you unlimited possibilities with a full range of colors.
Each color jar contains 30ml.

*Lapis, Turquoise Blue and Moss Green now in the larger 30 ml size.
Rosewood Natural Red Burnt Sienna Pumpkin Brown Ocher Natural Umber
Light Yellow Ocher Natural Yellow Buckskin Turquoise Green Green Earth Moss Green
Sky Blue Turquoise Blue Lapis Plum Earth Black White

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Using Earth and Mineral Pigments.

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