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Wetscrape: Multiple Brainings

Hide is soaked in plain water, wet-scraped, then brained and softened multiple times until 
it comes soft. Regardless of the scraping method that you use, it never a bad idea to do multiple brainings, because it gives you more assurance that the hide will come out uniformly soft. However if you wetscrape and you don't buck, pre-smoke or have some other technique to improve brain penetration, you really need to do multiple brainings and softenings to have your hide come out soft. Its just harder to get the brains through that protective mucus.


  1. Requires the least tools, or additional substances. 


  1. Very hard to have enough brain matter to do it with just the animal's own 
    brain (I've only had success when I've added the liver which I'd much 
    rather eat, especially in a camp/survival situation).
  2. Tends to be the smelliest of the methods and most likely to give you an infection (though not if you stay on top of things). 
  3. Much harder to get good brain penetration, requiring you to re-brain 
    and/or rework the hides multiple times in order to get them soft, which can 
    be frustrating.

Best Resources: 

  1. Deerskins into Buckskins by Matt Richards.
  2. Wetscrape Braintanned Buckskin by Steven Edholm
  3. The Tanning Spirit a video by Mel Beattie.

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