Brain Tanned Buffalo Robes
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Brain Tanned Buffalo Robes

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Prime buffalo hides with plush winter wool make a stunning and comfortable addition to your home or lodge. Great for rugs, bedspreads, couch throws, or just to wrap up in --- as the Plains Indians have always done whenever the cold north winds blow.


Our buffalo robes are traditionally brain tanned from winter killed bison with prime hair. They are (amazingly) as cheap or cheaper than their chemically tanned counterparts. Purchasing bison products also encourages the raising and continued renaissance of this majestic animal. 40 to 55 sq. ft.


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Raw Bison skins available.

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Traditional Tanners
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Mike treats each hand scraped buffalo as an individual work of art, giving each hide his full attention and taking great pride in the beauty of the completed robes. He loves to work outside in the open air, scraping to the rhythms of his favorite music. Hes taken the best known information about brain tanning buffalo and through his own innovation and observation, continually improves the process and results, helping to revive this nearly lost art.

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