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Beautiful, Soft and Heritage Rich

Buffalo Robes make a stunning and luxuriously comfortable addition to your home or cabin. Use them as a warm rug, on top of your bed, over your couch, or just to wrap up in – as the Plains Indians and pioneers did whenever the cold winds blew.

Highest Quality

We only tan buffalo hides with the lush prime hair of deep winter. We skin carefully so that there are absolutely no knife cuts. Our hides are worked by hand and tumbled to be as soft or softer than any available. We’ve been tanning buffalo robes for 25 years. You can see our hides in dozens of museums and numerous movies. They are used by tribes and tribal members throughout North America, collectors and interesting people everywhere. Read our independently verified customer reviews below.

Totally Natural

Tanning can be very toxic. Most buffalo robes are tanned with synthetic tanning agents, formaldehyde or trivalent chrome, even by tanneries who call their product ‘eco-friendly’. Then the skins are soaked in miticides and bactericides before being sent to you. We use totally natural tanning agents that make the hides naturally resistant to bugs and decay, and safe for you and your loved ones to wrap up in.


Unlike wild harvested furs, purchasing bison products encourages the raising and continued renaissance of this majestic animal. Buffalo almost exclusively live free range on ranch land in areas that they traditionally inhabited. Their numbers are highly influenced by whether or not it makes more sense to raise buffalo or cattle. By making use of buffalo products, we encourage the continued restoration of the great buffalo herds of the west

Our Guarantee

If you don’t love your buffalo robe return it for an exchange or full refund within one year. That might seem crazy, but we’ve been standing by our work for over 25 years.

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