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Sources for Raw Buffalo Hides

    Buffalo prices have crashed. It used to cost about $175 for a raw salted winter buffalo hide, direct from the ranch. We can now sell them to you through the mail for $70, and females (which are preferable) to boot. If you live in buffalo country you may be able to get a good deal from a local ranch. But outside of the major buffalo areas, small ranches tend to maintain high prices.

    Direct from Traditional Tanners:

    Salted Buffalo Skins for Robes   $70

    We can UPS a prime december-killed cow Bison (aka female buffalo) direct to your door-step. These hides are selected specifically for doing hair-on robes. Female Bison are much easier to brain tan with the hair on because they are naturally thinner skinned than the bulls. Their mane is also considerably softer.    

    Limited Supply! Continental US addresses only. Order online or give us a call at 888 443-3826.

    Contact a ranch:

    The North American Bison Association represents ranches that raise Buffalo. Within the national association are numerous regional associations which list ranches by states. These links will send you directly to each association's membership pages. There you'll find contact info for many, many ranches that raise Bison, and sell their hides. In some of the directories they will list what each ranch sells (ie meat, hides, skulls etc.), but not always. When they mention 'by-products', this generally includes hides.

  • Northwest Bison Association (CA, OR, WA, ID, MT, NV, SD, and Alberta)
  • Great Plains Buffalo Assoc. (NE, WY, CO, PA, NY I was totally unaware that NY was in the Great Plains...learn something new every day!)
  • North Dakota Buffalo Assoc. (click the 'Membership Directory' link in the left-hand frame)
  • Michigan Bison Assoc.
  • Minnesota Bison Assoc.
  • Wisconsin Bison Assoc. (we have not been able to successfully access their membership page, so we'll send you to the home page).

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