Skinning for Tanners & Game Processors: Page 3
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Skinning for Tanners & Game Processors: Page 3




Pulling the Hide

Now we’re ready to make some serious progress. Two good pulls and we’re at photo #7. See how cleanly that hide is coming off. A couple more pulls and we’re around the front shoulders.







Now separate the hide from the meat along the edges of the incision going up towards the neck until you're at least past the front legs a few inches. Work the hide loose from around the shoulders like in photo #8.






Then pull the leg inside out until it comes off the end of the front leg like in photo #9. Some people put their foot in there like a stirrup and stand on it to peal the front leg off. Remember we haven’t made any cuts on the front legs, they’re still in tubes.








Now work the hide free up the neck to the base of the ears and cut it off. All of the meat is on the animal. Some people might think that the flank meat is no good but it makes good hamburger an sausage. If you’re a meat cutter who cuts 200 deer in a season, you could get an extra 200 lbs of meat, or more, by skinning clean and leaving that meat on the animal. (photo #10).









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