Skinning for Tanners & Game Processors: Page 2
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Skinning for Tanners & Game Processors: Page 2



Starting to Pull

Now put your knife away. The next step is to peal the skin back from the inside of the back leg and all the way down the length of the belly and chest incision (photo #3). Make sure that you have the skin separated from the meat. Be particularly careful where the arrow is pointing. The meat really wants to stay with the skin here, now is the time to separate them.







Photo #4 shows both sides pealed back and separated from the meat, all along the length of the belly incision up to the chest between the front legs.








Now turn the deer around and peal the skin back from the outside of the back legs to just below the tail like in photo #5. Wrap your fingers tightly around the base of the tail and slide them out to the end of the tail, pushing the skin off the end in front of your fingers.






Either the tail will turn inside out and come off the bone or it will stay right side out like in photo #6. You donít need to split the tail skin first. You can do that very easily later. Again keep an eye on the area where the arrow is to be sure the meat isnít sticking to the hide.





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